Saturday, May 21, 2011

Avoid Smoking In Front Of Children

Parenting Learn Experience

Smoking is a harmful activity both for yourself and those around you. Especially if you smoke in front of your child in addition to physical effects will also cause a psychological effect for your child.

The physical effects of smoking in front of the children of course, we all certainly know, based on research that passive smokers have more risk of suffering from respiratory disorders and cancer. It is unfortunate when our children who do not know anything negatively affected by our behavior.

While the psychological effects caused what when we smoke in front of children, they will imitate what we do when smoke is a useless act can even say that smoking is the act of harming oneself. A child is not the object of our actions are wrong. As parents we should be able to keep our children healthy and be a good person.

Psychological effects caused by smoking in front of our children will not necessarily immediately apparent. But these effects will begin to look after her aged about 13 years. Your child will start dabbling smoke cigarettes because they thought that smoking was stylish when in fact smoking is an activity that really hurt yourself.

As parents we should be able to make our children become good people that's our ultimate goal will be achieved. It's hard for people who are addicted to smoking, but all it is for the good of your child so hard as anything we should be. Even if you can not stop smoking at least you do not smoking in front of them.

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