Sunday, May 22, 2011

How To Attract Children To Want To Learn

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Children will do things according to his wish. That is the problem underlying the child does not want to learn. They assume that learning is something that is very boring. We should not scold a child just because of that. Because it would only make children become increasingly lazy to learn.

Like a horse, if the horse is not thirsty then the horse will not drink even if we force the horse to drink. So is your child, they will not learn if they still think that learning is something that is boring.

Make learning be fun so children will feel the need to learn. Or by example, you pretend to learn so that children will see that learning is fun and they will follow us to learn. Or you can lure your child with a gift. I am sure of the three ways were going to be growing interest of the child to learn.

You also can experiment and use your own way. All you have to remember is not to scold them for learning. Let the kids build their own understanding of the meaning of learning.

Later when it was time they will understand that they really need to learn. Teach the child to start learning early on so that may form the habit of continuous learning.

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Devendran K. Shanmuganathan said...

Attract children to learn by using Fractionation. An example of fractionation is explaining a process several times within a short time by using different explaination techniques.

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