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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Future World is in the Hands of Youth

As parents our age in the world certainly will not be long. The task of our children who continue the path of life. I am very concerned about the lives of young people today. They're just happy to dissipate, drunk, sex, and just beautiful-beautiful things that exist in their minds. Though many challenges that await them in the future.

I hope young people read what I wrote this. Their awareness of the largely determine the future of the world in the future. I expect parents to better monitor their children's future so they do not grow in the wrong direction.

Indeed many young people are successful as well as Mark Zuckerberg and many others that I did not call one by one. Sometimes there are some young people who dropped out of college and making them frustrated and venting his frustration at the negative things. I guess it all wrong because the evidence is so many people who dropped out of college but they still can be successful.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Teach Your Daughter About Cooking

Cooking is a natural activity that must be passed by a woman. Your daughter will later become adult women who have to cook for her husband and children. Knowledge about cooking your daughter is very important because it will be their activity as they adult.

How to teach your daughter to cook? You can hold a small birthday party for your daughter. Encourage your daughter to prepare food to be served for her little party. I am sure you are a good mother to your children so I'm sure you could teach him.

Tell your daughter to do easy jobs such as cooking involved to make the cake batter or other fun activities. Return to your daughter that cooking is a fun activity that they are interested to always go with you while cooking. If your child is male, you can just invite cooking but also for the boys try not too involving him to cook. Cooking for the boys just an activity that should be known without being too involved.

When finished cooking take your daughter to prepare food to teach your daughter about how to serve a foods on the table. The lesson is that sometimes trivial as parents forget to teach it to their children, while cooking is an activity that must be dominated primarily by women / girls.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Relationship Between Nutrition And Health In children

Health and good nutrition are more likely suffered healthy children and getting enough nutritious food. Children immunized since the early years will grow faster than children who are not immunized. Children become healthier because educated parents about the importance of healthy living that is marked with enough sleep, eat regularly, and others. Children like it is a child health-conscious and aware of the kesmpatan given parents to pay attention to their own health.

Children with high intelligence and memilikitinggi usually weight more than in children who have intelligence below average. So the child has more intelligence is enormous if the kids get the nutrition and better health care.

Gender differences in terms of physical growth is relatively slower in the first years., Then looks at childhood kanakakhir, especially during the elementary school age. This happens because the boys start puberty growth is slower than in girls. Emotional strain experienced by the mother or the parents also affects the physical development of children. So avoid a fight or show things that are emotionally disturbing in front of your child.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Relationship of Nutrition and Intelligence on Children

As we know every child is different in their intellectual ability. Environmental factors are influential in the intellectual development of children is nutrition and stimulation. Both are important role during babyhood and early childhood.

Moments before the birth of the baby until the baby, malnutrition can affect brain development. Surely this will affect children's ability to learn. If malnutrition is not immediate care at the time, the brain growth and development will be blocked forever. As a result, children have less ability in intellectual terms.

Children who are malnourished are also experiencing delays can result in the growth and influence in adolescence. Malnutrition can damage the digestive organs and functions of the first of life because of brain growth that actually took place in this period.

Several studies have found that malnutrition can affect the development of intelligence as part of the physical changes in the brain due to the influence of energy level. In babies generally more sluggish, as if there is no energy to interact socially. Severe protein deficiency can result in various diseases and obstacles, such as mental retardation, while protein deficiency or improper diet, indicating signs of a real physical and mental.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Religious Education For Children

Parents do not just think about how social education of children, but children also need religious education. Religion will give them the limits of right or wrong. Religion also serves as a grip of their lives. Everyone has different views about religion.

Here we do not discuss about the best religion because religion is a personal matter that should not be interfered with by others and I believe that every religion has good doctrine. Here we discuss is about how a child behaves in accordance with their religion. I am a Muslim so I teach people how to be a good Muslim. Teach your child about your religion.

If you are a Christian then Encourage your child to go to church every Sunday. Sometimes modern people forget that they were created to worship their creator. Religion is able to change the behavior of a person to do good deeds. Religious education to children from an early age will make them into people who were obedient to their religion.

When your children do something wrong in their hearts so they will have brakes because they have a religion that regulates their every behavior. Religion as an unwritten rule and residing in our lives.

Friday, June 3, 2011

You Can Be A Career Woman, But Do Not Forget Your Child

As a mother you can be a career woman but you must remember the natural duty of a woman is caring for her child. Different maternal affection with the father because the mother who is most understanding of her son. We are in desperate need of money but also your child in desperate need of a mother's affection.

Encourage your child to tell each other about their activities at school or anything that relates to their daily activities. Children who lack compassion mother will generally lead to a traumatic if they an adult one day. Children who lack compassion like this will cause problems such as intellectually and socially.

Every day a child should be guided by his mother about the lessons and about her social. A child can get it from a father too but figure but it feels if it was given by the mother. Children who lack a mother's affection can not be directly visible impact but it would appear if he was grown. They will be difficult to get along. They think that they can live alone without help from others. Actually a sense like this  is good, but if excessive can make it isolated from its environment.

It is unfortunate if our children can not be a good boy just because the money that is not much. I hope all the mothers in the world read what I wrote this so that all children in the world does not lack affection from their mother because of mom affection can not be replaced by anything.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Understand Your Child's Paradigm

Generally when children have become teenager, tenagers is age that they difficult to manage. This teenager period is the time that their time to find their identity. When your children become teenager there are often misunderstandings between children and parents. A teenager will judge everything based on the trend.

Differences of opinion with your child that being a teenager is a natural thing because at this age they begin to understand about everything, but sometimes they understand something with the wrong point of view. They made ​​the trend as the direction of paradigm. Usually teenager think that is often seen is a truth even though in their hearts say that it's all not true. That all is fair because they live in socially.

As parents you have to do is understand your child's way of thinking. Give concrete examples to the teenager because they are not children anymore what is needed by the teenager is no longer a assumptions, but they need real examples as they get on their socially. Teens will realize his mistake when he felt a regret, but before it's too late parents must be able to steer teenager in the right direction.

It is sometimes as parents you are feel very annoyed to your teenager's behavior but that the exam as a parent. If you can successfully guide your teenager into a good direction, then the best parent badge will be pinned on your soul.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Praise Can Make Their Confidence Grows

Praise for the child means appreciation and confidence boosters. With the compliment, children who had been less confident will become more confident. Despite the praise only the words but the praise is very meaningful to children.

Give compliment to the child sufficiently because if you give praise too much the child will think that they had reached the culmination of achievement a thing. Suppose at the school your child is less good value then give a little praise as their confident boosters.

Generally there are two types of children:

  1. Children are embarrassed when praised - Generally, children are embarrassed when praise is a quiet child. They are less able to get along and prefer to be alone. But a child like this also requires a compliment, because every child has essentially hope to be praised.
  2. Children who like to be praised - This type of child is usually the children who are active. He would always try to get praise from those around them.

Actually, a naughty child and child are likes to make trouble is the child who are hungry for praise. Suppose a child who often skipped school. Children who skip school are children who want to be compliment by his friend because the action violated the rule that he did. They think that ditching is something that boast. Actually, their ultimate goal is to praise and recognition from people around him, but they have miss understanding about praise.

Once again parents have to give a personal insight to the child. Give praise where necessary but not a praise about the naughty action. Navigate praise to other meaningful things to make them understand that praise is not for things that they do.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tips To Keep Your Child From The Dangers Of Electricity

Electrical hazards can threaten the safety of your child. Especially babies, they are very interested in unique objects such as cables, electrical sockets, and other things related to electricity. Your child does not understand what electricity they just saw that objects in front of it interesting and they just want to touch it.

Here are some tips to keep your child from electrical threats:

  1. Try to always cover the hole electrical sockets
    Children do not think about why there are plug sockets so they just want to hold it to prevent their direct contact with the plug sockets put a cover. Or it could also put a stop contacts that have automatic cover.
  2. Keep away the tools associated with the electricity from the water
    Water is a conductor of electricity so do not put objects associated with the electricity around water.
  3. Checking cable if the cable is routinely used in open areas
    Cable here is meant cable used to extend the use of electrical items such as vacuum cleaner, iron and others. If the cables there are parts that peeled off then it will be very harmful to our children.
  4. If children play without supervision, let them play on carpet
    If they are play on the carpet that will decrease the grounding so electric not too heavy.

Electricity is very dangerous both for the elderly, young, and even babies. So we must safeguard our children to avoid electrical shock. They needs patience from us so they can keep safe.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Let Your Child To Determine Their Own Dreams

Parenting Learn Experience
As parents we must support the child to achieve what they want. Suppose your child want to be a doctor then navigate them to achieve that. Every child must have hopes about a dream. By giving freedom to them so they will have a passion to achieve it.

If everything is doing with a sense of joy it will be easy. An easy way to explore the potential of children is to recognize the child's hobby since childhood. If you already know what your child hobbies so point it toward the child. They have ideals, we must make it a point of reference.

Dreams and hopes are very meaningful to a child then we must always keep their dreams to make them achieve that. As long as their dream is a beautiful dream and not a scary dream that is nothing wrong to listen their dreams.

My experience was so bitter with a parent so I do not want to repeat it to my child. I want my child happy to be able to reach his dream to the highest peak that's my goal. What about you? You the one who have the answer.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Does Your Children Have Autism?

Children are a gift from God. God created all human beings with strengths and weaknesses. an autistic child is a child who has a deficiency in areas of interaction and communication, but she definitely has strengths in other sectors.

What are strengths of my child is autistic? Maybe you want to ask that question right now to me. I do not have the answer if you ask me. Addressed that question to yourself as you are every day to spend time with him.

Look at the children who is in the video at the top of this post. He is an autistic child but he can be successful.Children with autism and normal children is the same difference between only children with autism is more visible disadvantages than advantages. What is needed by a child with autism is a belief from you. Rest assured that they will be as you wish and children with autism would be someone like you would expect.

Watch Your Child Try And Find Yourself In There

Parenting Learn Experience

Once you observe your child is aged about 15 years or more? If you've watched them of course you can find yourself there. Indirectly, your child will imitating the behavior of the father or mother. Not only behavior but the way they walk, how they smile, or even the way they speak may also have similarities. That is evidence that the habit of carrying an enormous influence on child development.

Imitation of a parent's behavior like this as a law of nature. In my opinion the cause of it all is not due to genetic factors but the factors that determine lingkunganlah. Because every day that a child meet his parents then he will automatically imitating the person he's always come across that these parents.

While your child is a stepchild, but he will not imitating biological parents because rarely met his biological parents. This is sebuak evidence where good habits are important factors supporting the success of a child.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Love To Children Has Guided My Path To Become Elementary School Teacher

Parenting Learn Experience

Children are one of the driving I am to go forward. Because they're I am work as an elementary school teacher. Being a teacher is not an ordinary profession because of these teachers will be formed of great people. That's a pride that is invaluable to any money or property.

It was nice to always be missed by the students every day. Chatting with them every day never made I am bored with my job as a teacher. Every second with them is not paid off with anything because they are very precious to I am. Like a canvas of a child is where I am paint. Where I describe I am imagination into it to be a beautiful picture to look at.

Annoyed is a small spice taste that I am could come menyertainya.Kenapa aggravation? Sometimes some children there is a lack of attention or less could receive a lesson that is the cause. But from a sense of annoyance that then spurred I am to dig deeper in communication to better know the character personally.

Actually a lot of behavior and attitude of a child can be adopted by the parents. A child has a natural attitudes that are not owned by adults. Their attitudes reflect setap make I am behavior and hope that is in me.

Grown my children's! Reach for your dreams and make all the people who become part of you proud. You are the expectations raised for a dream that will come true.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Children Is A Very Valuable Asset

Parenting Learn Experience

In the first post of Parenting Children Experience I want to discuss about what the meaning of a child for. I think the child is an invaluable treasure that God has given to us. Try to feel what if we do not have children of course, we will be very sad.

A child can make our lives more meaningful and more colorful. Watching them start to walk, to see them start to talk, see they can laugh it feels very soothing. Child was the one who makes me excited and more rigid in life. Children are the most precious treasure that we must protect and educate him properly. So many people underestimate about parenting, but they are wrong because parenting is one of the factors forming their personalities.

Many children are naughty because of the wrong educated of his parents. It was not samapai happen to our children is because they are our successors. Even yesterday we are wrong now is the time to educate to educate them properly before we're late. Because what if we had the wrong educate, then a child will find his identity from the wrong views.

Plant the good things in children so that someday we will reap a harvest. Here we discuss the benefits that are not material but life satisfaction that we can only get from a child who can be proud of. Imagine you are now old and your child does not respect you, how is it like?

Every parents what to do would be followed by a child and it is a formula so that there is a proverb which says "The fruit of the apple will fall not far from the tree". Children are our hope, hope that is formed in a body that has a soul. Once again, my messages keep your children so they can be successful and become a useful person.

Make your children comfort and make them know that you believe him. trust that you provide will make them feel proud that they are motivated to make you even more proud. Do not be too reined freedom of the child but you also do not give them freedom. All you have to do is give them the exact composition between the obligation and rights. I believe that a child is an embodiment of a habit so you should be able to instill good habits to your child.